Hi. I'm Eli, a Writer & an Entrepreneur.

OK, I know Entrepreneur is an awful word, but I've started, sold and sat on the boards of many businesses--and I plan to be involved in many more.

Why did I put "writer" first if I spend most of my time working on those companies? Partially, it's aspirational and partly it's definitional; even though I only find a few hours a month to write, it's what I always wish I was doing--and it's been a skill that has helped me more than any other in my entrepreneurial career.

I'm also blessed to be in a position to donate some time and resources to worthy causes and non-profits, some of which are listed below.

My Companies

Sandler Digital

I co-founded Sandler Digital in 2020, with Shimon Sandler, after my time at MWW was up. It has since grown into a powerhouse agency focused primarily on content, streaming and lead gen SEO & SEM.

Fusion Digital

I co-founded Fusion Digital in 2022 with Yosef Silver. The agency is bringing high-level, transparent and accountable digital marketing to Culligan Water franchises across the U.S.


Simcha Shron and I founded an agency to help peer-to-peer can rental companies, or hosts, use local marketing to get more leads and rentals. We also work with Turo itself to help top  "power hosts."

Jerry's Deals

Jerry's Deals is making cannabis pricing and deals more transparent, enabling cannabis users to find the products they want at the best and more fair prices.

Enlightened Digital

Enligheted Digital believes that your digital presence determines how and what people think about your or your brand. Enlightened helps athletes, musicians, actors, executives and companies appear correctly. enlightened.marketing

Future Onset

I co-founded FutureOnset in 2023 to take AI integration to the next level. At FutureOnset, we are employing AI to make dramatic changes for clients and providing holistic consulting services to prepare companies for emerging technologies and markets.

Car in London

Looking to rent a car when you're in London, without breaking the bank? Need a big family car and/or an automatic? Car In London makes finding a car in the United Kingdom easy and inexpensive.


Brave is leading the market in privacy-focused browsing and searching, but that doesn't mean they ignore the needs of advertisers. I'm thrilled to be helping them grow. Reach out to me to see how you can reach Brave's 10MM-member-strong audience. www.brave.com


You know the GRAMMY Awards (and the Recording Academy), but wait until you see what they have in store next (and how I'm helping them achieve it). Watch this space!

My Charities

Shopping For Israel / BC Lev Echad

After the October 7th terror attacks, I partnered with BC Lev Echad to help get much-needed supplies to Israel. The campaign was--and continues to be--a huge success and I'm proud to be a part of it.


Teaneck Together

TeaneckTogether helps bring together a community separated by religion, ideology and sect through the power of music (and--usually--free food).



The Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation is dedicated to fighting hatred through education and to supporting victims of mass atrocities and genocide. I'm proud to help them with their mission.


My Writing

The Complicit Traveler

(Winner - Solas Award for Best Travel Writing)

Research, Articles & Appearances

Eli Goodman and I gave a well-received and oft-cited talk about Google's major move to Universal Search in 2010.

I sat down with Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land for a great 3-part series about how SEO has changed.

A fun piece of trivia is that I was one of Facebook's first ever advertisers.

I used to write a fun, often-mudslinging column for Search Engine Watch. This one of my favorites pieces, about SEO scammers.